400ED2GI’m the mother of two wonderful boys and a wife to my best friend!  I grew up in Auburn, AL (WAR EAGLE!) but moved to Mobile once my husband and I were married.  I absolutely adore living on the coast! Being close to the water but still far enough away to not have a sand-everywhere problem has been a dream.  Mobile’s rich history and beautiful southern charm has inspired me greatly in my photography.  I consider myself to have a rather traditional style and Mobile’s beautiful landscape lends itself well to that vision.

My love for photography first began when I had my oldest son.  I took pictures of him just about everyday for the first year of his life so I wouldn’t forget anything.  As he’s gotten older, I’m so thankful for my shutter happy attitude.  I love having those memories of his cuddly, little self come flooding back everytime I look at them!  Since then I’ve read everything I can get my hands on about photography and PRACTICED, PRACTICED, PRACTICED!  Now, I want to help others capture memories they too can relive for years to come!